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12 Things About My Journey To Have A Family

 Hi, I thought I would share some facts about my journey to be a mum: 

1/ I was just 31 years old when we started trying for a baby and I honestly thought I would be pregnant within a couple of months & was excited at the thought of announching our baby news at our family Christmas that year. It didn't happen :(

2/ When I had to inject the IVF hormones into my stomach I always did it myself as Ian was often away working. For some reason it never upset me or hurt. My skin was often quite bruised but I knew it was something I just had to get on with.

3/ Every one of our IVF cycles resulted in a negative pregnancy test. With each egg retrieval only a small number of eggs were collected and on transfer day we were only left with a couple of healthy embryos to transfer. This meant that each time we decided to try again we  had to start from the beginning, with an increase in hormones. For me this was one of the most upsetting parts of our baby journey.

4/ After struggling with infertility for 5 years we packed up and moved across the country from Sunshine Coast, Queensland to Perth, Western Australia. I needed to get away and have a break from what what had become our life - IVF. 

5/ We had our twins when I was 39, after 8 years of trying.

6/ We never knew the sex of our twin babies until they were born.

7/ The title of my book, Long-Awaited Child, is also the meaning of our son's name, Bane. It is a hawaiian name and since Ian and I love Hawaii it is a very fitting name for our boy and for my book.

8/ My partner, Ian, and I have been together for 15 years and never married. I think when we decided to try for a family that took over our life and we just never got around to it. 

9/ Natural Killer Cell research had just started as I was doing IVF and I was one of the first offered in Australia to go on the durg trial. For those unsure about what this is, I will be talking more about it in a future blog as something I strongly believe in.

10/ When I was 30 I wanted to go back to study to be a teacher but decided not to as I thought within the next couple of years I may be taking maternity leave anyway. Wow! I really did think I would so easily fall pregnant!

11/ Our twins were born in another country (so not in Australia). 

12/ I have really learnt to believe in what you put out to the universe can come back to you. When Ian and I bought our first home together I came across some little baby asian boy and girl statues that I fell in love with. I bought them and they have always been in our garden. Years later and well here we are......

Kellie x