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About Long-Awaited Child

Hi & welcome to Long-Awaited Child!                   

Long-Awaited Child is not just my journey—it's now my purpose, instigated from my passion after my own experiences to have my long-awaited family. 

For over 8 years I lived and breathed the processes of trying to fall pregnant and have a child of my own. It wasn't easy, and I never thought for a moment I would not succeed in falling pregnant naturally. But that was exactly what happened and resulted in me embarking on an marathon of research, trialling and testing to have our own children.

My "baby journey" started when I was 31 and my partner, Ian was 34. I thought it would be all so simple and everything would fall into place naturally. Nope! That was not going to be the case for us! We tried every possible option to have a family of our own and believe it or not, I was not even concerned if I did not actually carry this baby myself! I just knew I wanted to be a mum!

My dream finally came true at age 39 after many years of trying and researching options outside the norm of just trying for a baby naturally. It sure was a big learning curve for me. It was a crazy 8 and a bit years. I still have moments where I can not believe it all finally happened for us!

But it did!

In fact we had 2! Twins!

Bane our beautiful boy, and Daya our gorgeous girl.

After my journey, and after seeing other people in the media struggling to have their own child I decided to write a book around my own personal journey and build a business helping other people to do the same. 

I named both my book and business Long-Awaited Child. In Hawaii (which is a very special place for both Ian and I) the boy's name Bane (the name of our first born twin) means "long-awaited child."

My aim is to inspire anyone who is feeling deflated with their own baby journey or has been knocked down after being told having a baby of their own will most likely not happen. Trust me I totally get it, I have been where you are, it has all happened to me, hence my reason for creating this page. So please, please do not feel like you are alone. I am here to support you!

On this page you will be able to read my posts about parts of my journey, send me messages and purchase my book "Long-Awaited Child" (due out late August), which covers my full baby making journey.

I am very excited to be able to share my journey and experiences with you all. I hope my resilience inspires and motivates you to keep focused, keep believing, and keep making progress and taking the steps you need to take to have your long-awaited child. 

Kellie x