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Our Very First Embryo Transfer

This photo was given to me by our first IVF clinic. It is a photo of the very first embryo I had transferred. It feels like it was a lifetime ago, and I guess in someways it was, as if it had attached itself (like it bloody well should have) I would now have an 11 year old son or daughter!!!

Back then I was so new to all the procedures etc that is the world of IVF. I honestly assumed my first cycle would result in a positive pregnancy test. I was a fit, healthy woman in her early 30's, and there was no medical reason why I had not yet fallen pregnant so this had to work right? I was so wrong. This is just one of the many embryo photos we have that resulted in a negative pregnancy test. IVF is a world of uncertainties where you second guess everything you do and feel every emotion possible from sad, disappointed, angry, lonely, frustrated, then you go to feeling excited and positive thinking that this time it will work. But then when it doesn't your life comes crashing down again. Hence, my reason for writing my book, Long-Awaited Child. I want to share with others going through infertility struggles my story and how after 8 long years we finally had our beautiful little family. We did not just try through IVF, my book also covers my journey looking into other options such as adoption, foster care and surrogacy. I hope my book comforts anyone going through the same struggles, as to know you are not alone is such a comforting thing. 

Kellie x