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Introducing my beautiful children

Seriously, look at these two gorgeous kids! I am super proud to say I am their Mummy. Our little boy, Bane, and our little girl, Daya, are the best things that ever happened to us and I know it is cliche to say they are the loves of our lives, but they really are. I could go on for hours about how they bring us so much joy every day and we often wonder what we did before these two awesome little human beings entered our lives etc. etc.

How do I describe them individually? Well Bane is the sweetest and happiest of boys. He loves life and everything about it every single day. Recently I was walking them to school and said to Bane that it is really lovely that he wants to hug everyone but maybe he should just leave all the hugs and kisses for family as the boys and girls at school might not like it. He turned to me and said "but Mummy I just love everyone". True story. He really does.

Daya can be a typical female; dramatic but loads of fun. She gives us plenty of laughs and Bane finds her hilarious. My heart just wants to burst when I hear Bane giggling away because she is doing something silly, & he has the best giggle. This encourages her even more as she loves to make him laugh. She is younger than Bane by 1 minute but often acts like the big sister ensuring he is ok.

I have loved watching them grow up and every year I seem to love that age more than the one before. If that is even possible???

I look forward to sharing more about our journey, past and present, with you.

I love this photo of Bane and Daya enjoying life where we live on the Sunshine Coast. We had just been for a walk along the beach and were about to get ice creams. It was a great day.

Kellie x

"Some of the best memories are made in flip flops." Kellie Elmore