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More Than One Way to Become a Mother

Some of you may have already seen this image or picked up on the message at the time it was on the tv. For me, I was a big Friends fan as most of my girlfriends were, but back in the day of watching the show I was far from thinking about having a baby so any social awareness message obviously went over my head. All I remember about Rachael having her baby was my manager at the time, Emma, was chuffed that Rachael named her baby Emma (of course after her). We were in our early 20s so these were obviously the big things in life that mattered at the time :)

However, I came across this image yesterday and now many years later after going through so many struggles to have my own family it has really resonated with me and I am in awe of the writers of the tv show for putting such an important message in the script. 

It is not just because I had to look into other options to have a baby apart from naturally that I am a big believer in this message. For me personally, I knew I wanted to be a Mum, I just did not  believe that I had to carry or have my own baby to be one & I do not believe that makes me any less of a mother or love my babies any less than the next mother. I know amazing mothers who have had their babies naturally, by caesarean, gone through years of IVF, have adopted, are very loving foster care mums, have used donor egg or donor sperm, used a surrogate, had traumatic births, suffered from post-natal depression, are single mums or are step-mums. None of these make anyone less of a mother, or more special, or a better mum than the other. At the end of the day it is the deep down unconditional love we have for our babies and children that matter. I have girlfriends who have not had children of their own, whether it be by choice or circumstance, but love mine as much as they would if they were their own, so that makes them super, awesome Aunties and my kids love them to bits. 

Well played Friends! I absolutely love your message & I am sure many, many others do as well.