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The Royal Baby Announcement

Everyone is talking about this today so I am going to add my two cents worth. Yes it is wonderful news for Harry & Meghan and all their family, HOWEVER it has been noticed that it was very poor timing for this announcement to be made on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I genuinely believe this was just a mishap of NOT thinking. There was no vindictiveness behind this. She was not showing off to the world. After all the hype of is she or is she not pregnant it must have been a big relief for them to finally say it out loud. It was just unfortunate timing, but for those suffering with not being able to fall pregnant so easily or have lost a pregnancy or baby I understand you may want to go and punch her in the face right now! Pregnancy and infant loss is totally heartbreaking and so is going through the rollercoaster of emotions of trying to conceive. There are many out there who may not quite understand this as they have never had to experience such heartbreak over something that is meant to happen so naturally, however there are many who have and if you are one of the unlucky ones your heart probably broke into a million pieces hearing this news. Like seriously Meghan and Harry only got married 5 minutes ago, and here she is so effortlessly pregnant. Or was it really that easy? It could be a case of not knowing what is going on behind closed doors, or in their case behind big closed palace doors.
I still clearly remember the day it was announced Kate was pregnant with George. I thought thank fuck I have my babies as otherwise I did not know how I would have coped. Even though at the time I was holding a baby in my arms I still wanted to scream the roof off for those still trying to conceive. I know exactly how anyone who is trying to conceive or has had a miscarriage is feeling and I still feel the same on Mother's Day. Yes I am lucky to have my miracle babies shower me with love but on that day in particular my mind is often thinking of those who are still yearning to have a little one run and jump all over them in bed and spoil them with kisses on this special day. Over eight years I had to experience my friend's announcing their baby news or go along with a big smile on my face to baby showers. It sucks big time! So for those feeling sad hearing this news you may do for a very long time. Don't feel ashamed of that. It is more than okay to be angry and feel the world is just not fair. I am just little old me, no Meghan Markle, but I am thinking of you all at this time. 

Kellie xx