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Reviews of Long-Awaited Child - THE BOOK

"I finished reading this book in one sitting. I could not put it down. I felt like I was with the author every step of her journey. It is beautifully written plus I appreciated her honesty and courage. I especially loved and appreciated the love and care she had for others. Thank you for the privilege of reading your book." Rada, Queensland

"This book was awesome. So emotional and heartfelt. I felt like I was with Kellie every step of the way. What a journey." Kim, Queensland

"The author's honesty about everything even her feelings makes the reader feel like they are on the journey with her. This book will for sure help another couple. What an amazing and inspiring woman. Plus what a wonderful ending." Jodee, Queensland

"The first book I have ever read that made me want to hug the author. I cried, I laughed and I felt I was with Kellie on her journey. Such an emotional story yet told with such grace. I admire the author for sharing her story." Karen, New South Wales

"I needed to read this. I am going through a similar journey where I am so far having no luck. I have been feeling so sad. Reading this true story has really given me hope. Thank you to the author for sharing every emotion she felt." Danni, Victoria

"What a beautiful & heart-warming story. A real inspiration for anyone longing to have a family of their own. I couldn't put it down!" Lesley, Queensland

"Wow! This book took me on an unexpected journey. Fantastic read!" Sarah, Queensland

"My sister is going through IVF so I bought this book for her. She was so close to giving up however after reading Kellie's story it has given her hope. It has also been a good read for me and my parents to get a better understanding of what my sister is going through at times." Kylie, Victoria

"This book is so honest where Kellie laid her soul on the line - which takes so much courage." Anne, Queensland

"What a truly awe inspiring journey to have their dream family." Jan, Western Australia

"I cried the whole time. It's very raw and personal and the author has done a great job of keeping it in perspective." Amanda, Queensland

"What a great read. What an amazing journey they had. An incredibly strong, determined & loving woman who deserves happiness. I admire her determination." Linda, Queensland